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What the Digital Nomad wants Digital Nomad gets!

Places to-do-a-bit-of-work, immerse, dream and all round capture the moment –on Instagram of course

Trendies that shift hospitality trends

We have all seen them at hotel lobbies, from baby boomers with MBA to intrepid 20 something global nomads, all want a place to chill with their laptops, order drinks and hang out without feeling crowded in.  Universal advent of Covid accompanied transcendence of work – life separation. Nowadays intrepid WFH content management experts have figured out it is more cost effective to be relaxing on their off-season tariff Mediterranean resort beach deck than the cold, dark and dank of their native North Europe.

Hotel and resorts owners who have tapped in to this soaring market are now able to stay open all year round. They will do well though to adapt their hotels to accommodate sui generis aspirations of these digital nomads.

To name but a few ways to easily adapt your existing assets:

1-Imagine your own shaded tranquil pool deck work station fused with your own recliner.  Your Internet, office mini-hub at hand and of course the Hotel F&B App will see to all your culinary whims.

2-Turning the bed in your guest suite to face the view, will in turn allow the multi-tasking crafted desk to similarly face the view looking over the bed. To compliment it all a glass opening through bathroom wall will allow the view in for moments of work / relaxation in the bath.

3-Hotel lobby with distinctive design and wow factor inspiration from the local culture, impressive furniture and fittings designed for comfort of working and relaxing with well thought out lighting.  Overall an integrative lobby design ensemble appealing to kidult and veteran travellers will establish your hotel as hip place fit for working, relaxing, dining and above all ‘being seen’.

Checkout the success story that is Rove Hotels, Dubai:


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