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Our Approach

At the start of a project through design charrette we find about our client wants and desires, dream, aspirations and what makes their business unique.

Our design inspiration is always derived from symbiotic relationship between geography & landscape of the site with eclectic impulsion of local tradition and wisdom forging the shape of our buildings HDC cooperate closely with local consultants, client benefit from HDC International hotel design experience and local consultants local know how.

A clear and workable cooperative is established between HDC and local consultant.


Project Flow

Concept Design Luxury Spa Resort Deadsea Jordan
Concept Design

We get to know you & your team, Your project, vision & budget.

We find what you are looking to achieve. 

After site visits we find the local wisdom and create the story.

We design by consultation to make sure your needs, dreams and aspirations are being realised. 

Also workable cooperative is established with local consultants HD architects as lead consultant through at all stages ensure your goals are met.

Scheme Design Luxury Spa Resort Deadsea Jordan
Scheme Design

We help you refine your vision and develop the concept with further details. The design is evaluated for overall feasibility & costing and any necessary adjustments are made.

Design Development Luxury Spa Resort Deadsea Jordan
Design Development

The agreed design is finalised with further refinements including operational & costing adjustments, Engineering drawings, specifications, and visuals that had been developed alongside are coordinated and firmed up for your approval.

Municipality approval process is initiated & coordinated at this stage with local consultants.

Construction Documentation

This stage is where the final construction documents including final costings are prepared and submitted for approval. This includes detailed architectural and engineering drawings, specifications, visuals and cost estimates.

Design team will ensure the final permits are in place and your approved design is ready for implementation

Feasibility inspection - Luxury Spa Resort Deadsea Jordan

This stage is where the project is put out to bid, and contractors submit their proposals.

The successful contractor is selected based on the best proposal.


This is the final stage where the project is built according to the approved design and construction documents.

Through collaboration with local consultants HD Architects will ensure continuity of design intent.   

This includes site visits with the design team who ensure that the project is being implemented according to the plans and specifications. 

Further refinements are made to the design as to ensure the successful completion of your hotel construction project.