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Hospitality trends 2023. Global Uniformity OUT – Local Vibe IN

60 % of all potential travelling respondents confirmed they would “want to have authentic experiences that are representative of the local culture”

60 % of those respondents were Millennials who rightfully identify as earths guardians. They in turn place particular value in authentic and unique travel experiences.  Foremost discovering the wisdom and folklore of the region.  A major part of experience will be derived from culinary experience of locally sourced food and drinks be it wine or beer.  Gone the days of budget tourists arriving in Malaga on a Club Tropicana flight and heading straight for ubiquitous Greasy Spoon Café on La Malagueta before checking in at the soulless Plaza Hotel.  Todays 20 something savvy traveller are most likely to have planned their sojourn meticulously based on assiduous advice from the universal lets-go-places brotherhood that is Instagram.  They most likely would have checked in at the Nature House in Nerja with walking and biking access to all the cultural wonders of Andalusia while dining modestly at Farm to Fork Finca located at the cross roads of Circuit Portugos Nature trail.   

Hoteliers take note: appoint designers who can give your hotel a distinct identity of the locale without resorting to mishmash pastiche and enable the guests the immersive experience of the place, so it would make them feel like locals themselves. 


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