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Want your hotel project to be distinctive? Tell a story

We all know that delightful feeling that sweeps over us when we are immersed in a story, our brain becomes aligned with the storey teller and we often go on to take on the tale as a belief.

A sense of place is the story that a hotel tells with the interactions of guests and staff as protagonists. The unfolding drama is the recorded experience that the guest will take back with them and tell their friends. In the crowded hospitality design market of today Experience is everything. 

Globe trotters seeking to build new distinctive, invigorating, and meaningful experiences can’t wait to tell their friends.

3 reasons motivate us to suspend the grindstone and seek solace in a far off land: natural Intrinsic need for renewal, enrichment and discovery. 

At the time of contemplating your hotel If your story touches the potential guests their emotional response will kick in and weaken all cost considerations, let’s face it 8 of 10 of us buy with our emotions.

Semantics list for your next hotel project concept: Make your brand narrative authentic and engage the souls.


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